Original Fine Dharma Mala Bulk

Original Fine Dharma Mala Bulk

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Original Fine Dharma Mala Bulk


·      Tasbih is a form of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances of short         sentences in the praise and glorification of Allah in Islam

·      The term tasbih is an irregular derivation from subhan, which is the first        word of the constitutive sentence of the first third of the canonical form of    tasbih.

·      A Misbahah subhah, tasbih or tespih is a string of prayer beads which is     often used by Muslims to keep track of counting in Tasbih. Also, it is the      Arabic word for a prayer rope used by Christians to say the Jesus Prayer.

·      A misbahah is used by Middle Eastern Christian monks to pray the Jesus Prayer 33 times.

·      A misbahah is a tool which islam adoppted used to perform dhikr including the 99 names of Allah and the glorification of god after regular prayer.